catching up

I’ve been away for a long weekend in Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

I didn’t do much specific wildlife watching but I did keep my eye out. I saw 3 Spotted Flycatchers in different locations. One in Hanwell churchyard, one by Worcester Cathrdral next the avon and another in the gardens of Hanbury Hall.

A trip to Brampton Marshes near coventry through up many common birds. Including Redshank, Common Tern, Great Crested Grebe, Ruddy Duck, Ringed Plover, Lapwings given a Heron grief.

Nice to see a Willow Tit.

Saw a few Dragonflies, including Blue Tailed  and a  Southern Hawker.

On the Wednesday I popped into Rye Meads lots of young about with young Terns on the raft. A few oyung pochard around which was nice to see.


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  1. Marc on

    Glad you managed to get a bit of birding in, albeit nothing spectacular – welcome to my world!

    The Spotted Flys would be nice though, I don’t think I’ve seen any this year.

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