Otter shot dead

You would think in the 21st century we had moved beyond this but apparently not.

An otter has been shot and killed near Driffield in East Yorkshire. The otter was found with a shot to its head at Frodingham Beck by a member of the public and reported to an Environment Agency bailiff.Post-mortem results reveal that the otter had been shot before.

Apparently he maximum penalty for intentionally killing or injuring an otter or other wild animal listed under the Wildlife and Countryside Act is six months imprisonment and a £5,000 fine per animal killed or injured.

The Environment Agency has now passed the case onto Humberside Police.
Anyone with information should contact Sgt Christopher Hine at Bridlington Police Station, tel (01262) 458751.


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  1. clive on

    The lowest of the low, these people. Absolutely beneath contemp. Check my site for a similar story related to Hen harriers. My guess is that the river is also a fishery and that the landowner’s agent did it.

    I’m not an animal rights advocate it’s the contempt with which they treat my biodiversity and my natural heritage as well as the disregard for life which bothers me.

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