Patch Birding

I stayed local Saturday.

I popped down to Amwell Gravel Pits. The Little Bunting was seen at 7:15 I was in bed at the time and it wasn’t seen whilst I was there. It’s a nice feeling when you can say “oh already seen it” 😀 Didn’t seem to be as many Reed Buntings this week.

There were 3 Water Rails showing incredibly well. Goldenye and usual ducks and Geese. The Lapwings were joined by a Redshank and a Ringed Plover. 2 Buzzards overhead

Wandered down to the hide. Lovely close up views of Blue and Great Tit. But it was particularly nice to see Lesser Redpoll. Off to the other lake which had a number of female Goldeneye and a drake but no Smew.

Wandered back through the woods for a nice mixed flock of Siskin, Redpoll and Goldfinch and also a Treecreeper.

I briefly popped into Rye Meads but it was awfully quiet.


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