An Afternoon at Rye Meads

Given the sun was out  I spent a couple of hours at Rye Meads. The reserve is still terribly quiet. Although Blue and Great Tits are calling and prospecting boxes and a pair of coots were getting friendly. First Pochard, Lesser Black-Backed and Herring Gulls for the patch year.

  1. Little Grebe
  2. Cormorant
  3. Grey Heron
  4. Mute Swan
  5. Shelduck
  6. Gadwall
  7. Teal
  8. Mallard
  9. Shoveler
  10. Tufted Duck
  11. Pochard
  12. Moorhen
  13. Coot
  14. Green Sandpiper
  15. Black-headed Gull
  16. Herring Gull
  17. Lesser Black-Backed Gull
  18. Wood Pigeon
  19. Collared Dove
  20. Wren
  21. Robin
  22. Dunnock
  23. Blackbird
  24. Blue Tit
  25. Great Tit
  26. Magpie
  27. Rook
  28. Carrion Crow
  29. Chaffinch

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