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Uttlesford Council reject Stansted Expansion Plan

I am a happy blogger this morning.

Uttlesford District Council have rejected BAA’s planning application to increase passenger numbers to 35m a year. Apparently the impact of expansion on climate change and the local environment had concerned councillors. 

For my part my major concern was the impact on Hatfield Forest and its wildlife. The Forest is the subject of major noise and other pollution at present  and this was sure to rise. The forest is a vital habitat for wildlife and for local people.
I suspect that central government will eventually override the council but around of applause to them for doing the right thing.


First RPSB Land Purchase overseas

The RSPB has just made its first purchase of land outside the UK in its 117 year history.

It has purchased an area of wetland in the Biebrza Marshes Poland. The purchase is protect the rarest European Songbird the Aquatic Warbler. Apparently 80% of the European population is in Poland and is under threat from through the intensification or abandonment of farming.

The RSPB has put up for £400,000  and has achieved funding of £3.6 million.

Now personally I think this is a good thing but I do wonder if some supporters of the RSPB might think there money should be spent in the UK.

Boxing Orangutans go home

58 Orangutans that were stolen from Indonesia are to be returned from Thailand

The Orangs have spent most of their lives engaging in boxing matches for the “entertainment” of tourists (you really have to wonder who would enjoy this!).

Five other Orangs have remained in Thailand for medical treatment but are due to be returned.

Out of the House

Well out of the house for the first time in two weeks!!

A stroll around Rye Meads didn’t throw up much. That said after two weeks looking at four walls you appreciate common ducks and moorhens and coots more. You also realise what a charasmatic little bird the Blue Tit is. One lone Lapwing and a a few Common Gulls about. Got to see the Fox again and I was also surprised to see Darter dragonflies about.

New RSPB Reserve

The RSPB reserve at Rainham (on the East London/Essex border) was opened yesterday by Bill Oddie.

The reserve is 335 hectares and has a state-of-the-art Environment and Education Centre.

A few days in Norfolk

Sorry for not updating this. I’ve had a really nasty illness and am still not 100%

A few days in Norfolk added Surf Scoter and Little Auk to the year and life list. Although my bird of the trip was a Barn Owl. Also nice to see Snow Buntings.